Well I have been playing guitar seriously for about a year and a half now... I don't know any full songs from start to finish but I do know a few intros and small parts.

For example I know the master of puppets intro and leper messiah by metallica. I know the art of shredding intro so far by pantera and also can play santana's Samba Pa Ti intro.

So I go back and forth with what i practice . Lately I've looked at the lessons on here for some ideas and I like the hopscotch method on here for pentatonics . I am mainly looking at tabs and trying to learn from them. So my question is it ok to just learn songs from tabs and bits and pieces from here and there. My goal is to just be a great guitarist and be able to play well. I'm not looking for fame or anything . Just want someone to one day say hey he's damn good.

So am I on the right path ya think?

P.S. don't know if this is in the right section ... sorry
If I want to learn a song I just work on it verse by verse, till I get one verse almost perfect I work on the next one. Then I play the verses I already know and add it to the one im learning.

It might not be for you though, but thats what I find best for me.
Yeah that makes sense. I'm really blown away when i go on Youtube and someone plays a song from start to finish that they say they learned by ear and didn't learn from tabs . I don't know if that's exactly true but i suppose it could be. But I will try to go at it with a new attitude and learn small chunks at a time.
yeah I'v been playing for about a year or so now and I learned all 4 or 5 songs I know using that system.
In my opinion it doesn't matter how much of a song you've learnt, as long as you practice over time you'll improve.

The more you play along with songs the better, in theory, your ear will become, but that's not to say you have to learn the whole of 'Stairway to Heaven' note by note to improve, you could learn the intro to that, a Metallica solo, a Nirvana verse and a Jeff Buckley chorus, it really doesn't matter. In those pieces you'll learn different techniques, different phrasing and different shapes.

Learn what you want to learn but if you want to be a really good guitarist then vary the skill level of what you attempt. Some will take more time than others but that extra time on a 20 second solo could do you more good than learning the lead part through a 5 minute song.

It's always good to know a couple of tracks if you want to impress people though. Or learn a bit of theory - scales and keys - and then build up your improvising skills. It's really up to you.
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