I have a Peavey Classic Tube Amp. Is it okay to use with a Bass Guitar???? Or will it screw the Amp or tubes up? Thanks!!!
Is it the head or combo? If it's a head then you should be OK but if it's the combo then no.
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There are two options:

1) Read the FAQ
2) do it

I will warn you, one will lead to your amps demise. The other will not.
the amp should be fine, the tubes should be fine, the speaker however will be destroyed

bad idea, just buy a bass amp
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if its combo you will blow the speakers if head and cab buy a bass cab and it will work fine
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its a combo, 2 twelves. I have a pod x3 on the way. Which works for basses but I guess it wont make it safe to put it in front of it.