i see no whammy bar on that guitar

therefore it does not have one
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Well, try Ibanez RG/GRG series. Some models come with whammy bars, and all models have floyd rose. Really well made guitars, and nothing that would empty your wallet completely.
Not ALL models have floyd rose. Mostly EDGE III which sucks balls. Look at schecter guitars.
why do you want a whammy bar...but no floyd rose...thats calling for tuning hell..
Quote by Barry_C
Well I want a guitar with a whammy bar, and I play in 2 different tunings with my band so it would be a pain carrying 2 guitars with me everywhere..

If you get a non-Floyd system (and are actually regularly using the bar for something more than vibrato) it's going to go out of tune, unless you buy super-high end like on the Petrucci signature. Even then, it will eventually slip tuning. Also, re-tuning on stage is a SOB for time consumption.

My recommendation would be to buy a second guitar and get used to carrying around multiple guitars like the rest of us.