Hey everyone, me and a couple of guys from my school recently started a band. We've been writing for a few weeks, and recorded our favourite of the ones we wrote. The feedback I've been getting is good, but I want yours, UG. We recorded it on an H2 Handy recorder, so we all made a couple mistakes, but I'd say it's not too shabby. So, if you dont mind, give'er a listen, give me some feedback, and enjoy!

(ps. I'm the drummer, and I'm not that good, so dont be all "GET A NEW DRUMMER NOOB!" because that will hurt my feelings)

Anyway, here's the link

It's umm... heavyish rock, it's kind of different, in my opinion, please listen to it, Sam_B, you're one of my favourite UGers
Well.... It's not what I listen to so I couldnt really give any advice or decent crit. But I like the way you've done the bass and drums with the singing over. It sorta remeinds me of System of a Down for some reason

It was good