This - Vypyr 30

or these - Peavy Vypyr 15 + Metal Muff

I guess basically what im asking is the 30w amp worth the extra 100 over the 15w? I don't notice any different features between the two, but im just assuming that the 30 sounds louder/clearer? Im just looking for a practice amp that I could maybe use to play or jam with a band eventually. I just dont know if the amp will give me the distortion I will need to be able to play heavier songs(ie: BtBaM-like stuff). Also what extras would I need to be able to use a pedal? Cables?
My Budget is below $200 btw, thats why I cant get the 30w and the pedal, but if its worth it ill just get the 30 and wait til later to get a pedal
15 watt without the pedal

30 watt isn't worth it and pedal + modeling amp =

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Definitely the 30. You won't need a Metal Muff with a Vypyr, and the 30 comes with more features than the 15. Significant ones, although I forget what.
Right. I'll go with the 30 then. But could someone answer my question as to what extra things I would need to be able to run a pedal through an amp?