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Well that time is nearly upon us, so I thought the Pit might want to partake in the festivities that are going on this time of year and Christmasify there avatar.

A simple santa's hat will do! or if you want to be really fancy and show off do something else!

Come on! lets all enjoy this lovely time of year

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no.. i'm scrooge.
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just a few of my fans..

I dont have the skillz to christmas-ify my avatar
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Also you're off topic. This thread is about Reva eating snowmen.
I did mine two days ago.
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brot pls
Would anyone be willing to christmasise my avatar? Just add a santa hat

I would be extremely grateful
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I dont have the skillz to christmas-ify my avatar

MS paint!

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Funnily enough, I mentioned doing mine to Reva on MSN. So, I will after doing what I'm doing. !

Could someone please Christmasify this



/ \

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I'm on it.

Jedit: Done
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Carmel is hawt
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Already a thread or two on this, but good idea nonetheless!

Will definitely do this.
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Eh. sure, why not.

EDIT: apparently i lack the paint skillz to do this, so i guess i won't. Anyone want to do mine?

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Already a thread or two on this, but good idea nonetheless!

Will definitely do this.

Was there? I must of missed it.

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Done and done. Allbeit with my rather limited MS paint skills. Happy Crimbo ug
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My god.

Your username... it's amazing.

waaaayy ahead o ya

but if someone would care to do it better, please, heres the original

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i have a tso avatar i dont need to chirstmasfy it
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There you go

Thanks Techno!!



/ \

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Ok. Does anyone know how to take 30 years off someone using photo editing software?

That made me chuckle

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And what would I use to do that exactly?
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He just doesn't seem like a christmasy guy does he?
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And what would I use to do that exactly?

Change the text to "Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come".
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mine sucks but it's christmas in metallicaland FTW!
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Aww man that ones cool as hell

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