Alright. So I have a Fender Telecaster Highway One, and I love it, I really do, but I tend to think (depending on amp and EQ of course) that my pickups are a bit to trebly and shrill, in particular the bridge pickup. And well, Christmas is here soon and I've decided it's time to upgrade my Tele. But I need a few suggestions. I love the classic Tele tone and I want something that would maintain most of it's twang but reduce some of that horrible shrill and maybe work a bit better when overdriven.
The pickups I've been looking into are following:

Seymour Duncan Vintage Broadcaster
Seymour Duncan Vintage 54 (Lead and Rhythm)
Dimarzio Pre-61
Dimarzio Twang King (Neck and Bridge)

I would love suggestions and feedback on the pickups I've been looking into.
I just got in the Lindy Fralin set from CallahamGuitars.com last week, and I'm pretty impressed with them. The bridge definitely sounds like a Tele, with all kinds of bite, but without as much harsh treble. They may be a bit more expensive than you're looking for, though.