I was recently and a music store and was looking at some guitars. And then i saw this $1500 mira. I was very interested into this guitar because it had some sort of toggle switch. This toggle switch, switched between either the humbuckers or single coil.

I am interested in buying a new guitar although i do not really want to buy another PRS because i already have one right now(it is my only guitar). I was looking more for a different guitar for a change. Does anyone know of any guitars that have this toggle switch?
coil splitting. sometimes its standard in the push pull pot (schecters all have them for the most part)

sometimes there's a toggle added for switching.

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Schecter Griffons had/ve them, the Squier '51s had em before they got discontinued, Im sure there are plenty of others that do. If you can find a good neck-thru Schecter with coil tap, I would at least try it out, if not buy it.
any guitar with just two humbuckers and a five way switch will do it too. guitars like that are all around.