Hey guys I'm looking for a set to start with. I've never had electric guitar before and I've never played one, but I really want to. I've got 320 bulgarian levs wich is about 170 euros for guitar and these sets in thomann.de look pretty good for me..
But still.. Have anyone tried Harley Benton HBMS15 guitar, and a Harley Benton 20G apm? What do you think? I now that these are probably nooot good guitars at all but I've got only theese money and I really want to try to play some hard music.. I think of buying some cheap distortion.. I don't know.. these are just so not enough money

This here is the set..
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All i know is that Harley Benten is supposed to be preeeeeeety bad
You can't really expect more for 170€ though.