My amp broke down a few weeks back and I'm wanting to buy a cheap backup. I dont have alot of money at the moment since I just had a new baby. I was thinking of getting this little tube amp. I really dont have the budget at all but I need something. I just want something that will take my pedals well and hold me over and give me a decent 2nd amp.

For the $100 is there anything that will sound better than the Crate V5? I understand the expectations of a $100 amp but I believe that my pedals will give me the tones I want if the amp will project it well. I'm hoping that the V5 will add that little bit of warmth to my pedals and make them sound decent. Please see my SIG for my gear info!!!!
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Ok I bought the Crate V18 212 for $175 Blemished. What do you guys think?
personally i'd go for the v50. lower wattage amps don't take pedals very well.

edit: but the v18 is a decent amp for the price. good call.