Hello all.
My drummer really wants us to do a song in 7/8. And, being a guitarist myself, it's pretty much my job to do this. So I was wondering if there were any like songs that you guys could reccomend for me that have a bit of 7/8 in them.
I'm just looking for like reference songs so I can have an idea. I do understand time signatures but with that being said, I can't write them on my own. So i need some inspiration. sorry for the book.
why don't you have your drummer play something in 7/8, and try and improv some riffs over it. go from there.

when all else fails, just jam with a drummer. Your bound to come up with something.

EDIT: i was also gonna say, Money from pink floyd is in 7, until the guitar solo. It's a fairly simple drumbeat though.
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The Attitude Song by Steve Vai...although it's really the guitar in 7/8 over a 4/4 drum thing.
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Well Led Zeppelin's "The Ocean" has its riff section built around one bar of 4/4 and a following bar of 7/8, that might give you some inspiration.
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Them Bones by Alice in Chains is mostly in 7/8 IIRC, though the singings kind of tough, so don't do it unless you have a good singer.
I have an awesome technique that I use alot.

Ask the drummer to lay a (odd timed)beat, and ask for the accents. Then just play an E5 or a note on every accent for each day. You will then get a feel for the odd time just like 4/4.

After that, fill in the gaps between. Add notes that work up to the accent and stuff. BE creative.

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Id like to add that its good to focus on getting comfortable palying in 7/8(or any 'odd' time signature)as opposed to just hearing a beat, making something fit over it just for the sake of playing in 7/8 and then do that frequently. I have been guilty of this myself. Doing mad time changes etc just for the sake of doing them. Its good to get a drum machine on, set up a beat in 7/8 or desired time sig and then focus on 'feeling' the beat. Hope that makes sense. For instance if someone says 'play something in 4/4, it generally aint gonna be hard for you to get into that groove. You want to get comfortable with other time signatures so that when someone says 'ok lets get a 7/4 groove on the go' you can come up with something and feel the beat. It takes quite a bit of work to get to that stage and I wouldnt claim to be at that stage completely yet myself, but its worth it. I think the problem we all face is most mainstream music we hear on the radio etc is in 4/4 or 3/4 and it can be pretty difficult to get into other grooves. If all we ever heard on the radio and everywhere was 7/8 etc we would probably find 4/4 to be a strange time signature. Anyway I am gibbering on now...
Weird time signatures aren't that hard to get into. You just got to ignore that 4/4 is normal.

My teacher learned me, that everything has a pulse. 4/4 does not "exist". It's merely made up by someone for the purpose of math. For me 1/4 is the most logical.

You just got to learn to feel the "pulse" on the different time signatures, starting with 3/4, 5/4, 6/4 7/4 etc. Those are easiest, cause they are merely adding another beat to it. After those learn 5/8, 6/8, 7/8, and finally the ones divided by 16.

Learn where the first beat falls, and once you can do that without thinking and even when ur drunk. Then you can experiment with different accenting and rhythms.

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The end of the song Counterbalance by Threat Signal is in 7/8 *i think its taht one*
also, parts of schism are in 7/8, it just switches around a bunch
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why don't you have your drummer play something in 7/8, and try and improv some riffs over it. go from there.

This is about all you can do, or get a metronome to click on 7/8. Awkward time signatures are hard to write in if you aren't used to them.