If i buy an all tube amp and then buy say, a big muff for distorted sounds, will that defeat the purpose of having a tube amp?
Because a big muff doesnt have tubes so i was wondering
that's a distortion, not an OD pedal.. get an OD pedal
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Quote by kayman121
that's a distortion, not an OD pedal.. get an OD pedal

wrong-o. it's a fuzz pedal, which is more loose than a distortion pedal.

TS, to answer your question, I use a Little Big Muff with my amp and use them both pretty frequently. I use the amp's distortion for tighter riffs and rhythms, then use the muff for dirtier purposes and mixing it with my octave pedal is sick.

Short answer: it's different.

+1 to the guys who recommended an overdrive. that too is different from a distortion pedal. basically it reinforces the tube distortion, usually tightening it up or adding gain. Use the search bar for more info.
if youre using a tube amp then the purpose of an OD is to increase the level and push the tubes harder so SS circuitry is "acceptable"
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