Looking at getting a used fender p bass or similar as monies are bit tight at the moment, apart from the obvious like ebay or UG what are good sites that deal used basses etc.?

I think it's better to look local for used stuff. Then you can look at it and try it, instead of depending on the seller.

To answer your question, Craig's list is the obvious answer, i've also heard that talkbass has a good classified forum, but i've never checked for myself.
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In the UK check out places like Codamusic, they have a large second hand section

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Two of my basses were used. I bought one in a shop that specializes in consignment instruments and the other in a shop.

Used equipment can be such a great deal.
Oh yeah, of course! Basschat is awesome, i post there primarily and the guys that post there are really cool.