I'm sort of considering buying a new guitar but money is pretty tight. I like the feel and look of my RG350dx. I was thinking about how feasible/worth it it would be to put in a new trem and upgrade the pickups. I figure it would cost around $300 or so. There is some sentimental value with this guitar (my first) so I would hate to just sell it and put it towards a new guitar. At the same time I'm frustrated with the bridge and think the pickups could be better. I don't want it just to sit in the corner. Which bridges fit well into the 350dx cavity? Pickup recommendations are accepted but I'm going to research that as soon as I decide if I want to even attempt this.
i have the same problem, i dont want to sell it but the trem sucks
ive heard rumours of an OFR dropping straight in but no one's confirmed it

Edit: as the guy below says blocking the trem is also a possibilty but check out tremel-nos, its this thing that you can switch from normal to blocked to hardtail bridge really easily
word of advice, i have an rg370 that i uprgraded (no new floyd, just completly blocked it off) don't get pickups that are too trebley/hot, due to there not being a lot of wood on the guitar, they make it sound really harsh (and not good harsh either)

but an oficial floyd rose would fit, not the knock offs, they are shaped differently

i asked someone about it

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this is a very late answer but i really haven´t done the swap
because as you may have seen before i don´t live in the US and here they don´t sell the OFR, so i have to buy it by internet and every internet page that sell them has run out of them so i am waiting
i measured everything and it should fit and seen RGs with the OFRs installed so it should fit
i would do it

go for an edge trem, or a FR tremolo... and a couple of nice duncan or dimarzio pups!!

Its a nice guitar, but its hardware kinda sucks

hope it was useful

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If you're dead set on installing an OFR into your RG350, the link above shows a UGer putting one in.
I probably wouldn't be able to do it myself. I think the RG350 sounds a little harsh/thin as it, especially coming through my 5150. I'm definately going to make sure the new pickups wouldn't exacerbate the problem. I'm going to the store today to try out some other guitars. Schecters and higher end Ibanezes. I made just decide to put this one on the shelf. I may also sell it to my friend at least that way it stays in the family. I guess I'm being a wuss. I've had to sell off a lot of my beloved equipment lately and I'm just not feeling the best about letting this one go. Do Edge's fit right in? What is an OFR worth? I see them on ebay for $150-200 but just wondering if that is about right. Thanks for the help so far.