Hey i just got a new audio interface, its a edirol ua-25ex and whenever i record it plays back choppy and distorted and sounds horrible, ive tryed adjusting the levels so the sound bar doesnt go over red too, so its not that. also when i record it only comes out 1 speaker, is there any way to make it mono so it records for both sides. and last but not least when i play through it i dont hear any guitar, only after ive recorded and played it back ..... please help me out
if you can't hear until after and it sounds bad, maybe you just suck. No, I'm kidding, I don't have any experience with interfaces, but can't you plug it through your amp as well? I thought you did that anyway, so if you do, I don't see why you can't hear while playing.
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It might be that you don't have the computer power to play things back, or record, properly. Lots of RAM is a must when recording to a computer. That said, any half-assed computer should be able to record and play back at least one track so it mihgt just be that you have too many background processes going on (your standard Windows setup has a lot of crap starting up that you really don't need, especially not when trying to maximize resources for recording).
I have 1024gb of ram. and i have tryed closing all backround programs . i can hear the guitar okay through the interface when im not recording and just playing through it, but when i record and playback its a total disaster