right now i have a squier strat and 15w crate amp. Ive been looking into buying a new amp (Vox VT100 most likely) but am wondering how much better sound i will get with only having a squier. Would you recommend getting a new amp or a better guitar?
I play all kinds of music and my price range is around $500
Yeah thats my idea. i really dig the tone i can get out of that vox at guitar center. um i might go used but havent really seen anything so i just plan on buying new. i live in the maple valley area, WA area and am planning on gigging so i need a much louder amp than 15w

thanks for the suggestions. no im not really looking into anything special on the guitar. i wouldnt mind 24 frets though
New amp first. When looking at the guitar, it depends on what you play, but if you'd like 24 frets, maybe look into some of the Schecters? Some people think they're only for metal, but they're really quite versatile. Same with Ibanez to a lesser extent. They have a lot of nice models with 24 frets and a coil tap, so look into those, but upgrade your amp FIRST. If you play a $5000 Gibson through your amp, it's still going to sound crap unless you're Hendrix/Slash/Page/whoever you aspire to and even then it could be a whole heap better.
haha yeah
yeah i know i like the shecters. i really like prs and ibanez artcores so im looking into that
but my first priority is an amp
There are better options than the vox at that pricerange... Let me see



Thats pretty good deals... look for flextones and peavey classic 30s