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haha i bet that would be satriani, but it doesnt look like him in some way xD
satriani looks like hell. haha.

but in one of the g3 dvds, eric johnson plays on a gibson semi-hollow body guitar.
im sure theres a pic of alexi with a ESP eclipse out there
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luke hoskin way back in the way when he used esp/ltd guitars
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I'm with DeltaFunk
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Angus Without SG

Why does Angus always look pissed off?
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I tried it out in store.

Great neck, nice n light, good tuning stability. Overall a good guitar. I didn't but it cause I generally only buy guitars over a grand now.
He's not pissed off, he's just trying not to topple over due to the guitar being 70% the size of him.
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Is it sad that I barely recognize some of these guys because they don't have their typical guitars?
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why didnt you just play like crap?
if you need help with that, ask Vincent745

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Awe, so cute...

How old are you?

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Old enough to yell rape.
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yup, he does play an ibanez
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Angus Without SG

I know he's got lots of guitars, but that just looks wrong.
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^Slash actually uses Mockingbirds pretty often. With GNR, You Could Be Mine was played with a Mockingbird, aswell as Sucker Train Blues by Velvet Revolver.

Anyways, in this one AC/DC book I own, there's a picture of Angus with a Les Paul, and another of Malcolm with a Telecaster.
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It's also not an RG. Correct me if I'm wrong, but i don't think they have those kinds of inlays.
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Eric Johnson with a SG.

Steve Vai with a pink strat of some sort.

Eric Johnson plays an SG quite a lot

It's still a Gretsch, but not his signature double-cut jet, nor his White Falcon used in the early 80s.
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What the hell? That look likes Alex Lifeson, but that's not Geddy or Neil.......and I believe he plays Telecasters frequently live nowadays, specifically for songs he uses clean a lot or his acoustic simulating pedal like The Trees or Closer to the Heart.
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This is a great thread!

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It's also not an RG. Correct me if I'm wrong, but i don't think they have those kinds of inlays.

Yeah you're wrong.

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It's doing the rounds.

Next we'll see it in the hands of Angus Young or the Nuge.

Mind you, Paul has been using loads of different guitars lately.
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It's doing the rounds.

Next we'll see it in the hands of Angus Young or the Nuge.

Mind you, Paul has been using loads of different guitars lately.

True dat.

I want that V so badly.
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