a family friend of mine has gave me his marshall valvestate 8080v for absolutely nothing but he did mention it needs a little fixing so i turned the amp on master volumme 3 and my ears nearly exploded i cant wait to hear with distortion i think it will explode lol but anyway back to the point:
the amp tends to crackle alot not as much as i cant understand what im playing but still quite a lot.
all i want to know is who can fix this and how much will it cost?
also is the valvestate actually valve or and solid state amp?

also i was thinking because the amp is TOO loud and it has no headphone output i might get a nice little practice amp and the valvestate will be used for gigs and other various stuff. i was thinking just for like a 15watt marshall mg just to practice at home is this the best option?
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Guitar center can probably fix it or you have a S**t cable or your Guitar Electric components are Fu***d
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It's valvestate, look at the word
It means it's solid state, with a single valve in the preamp, but it's hard to tell the difference from a regular SS
Odds are the crackling is either a dodgy lead or input, so check all those
As for a practice amp, you'd be better off with a Roland Cube
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Ive got a Marshall AVT100X Valvestate and I can tell you now its a lot better than SS.
The tone isn't great, but it's definately a step up from complete SS.
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