i own a brownsville IV400 its a pretty good guitar saounds great but theres one problem i cant get past: the over ring the E string gives me. i play songs like yyz nd just randomly my lower E string will be ringing and making my other notes unclear. It does the same when im playing eruption (the tapping part at the end) and it makes my notes sound very unclear and indistinguished and gives me a hard time playing because i have my hand trying to mute the E string while trying to tap which is REALLY hard. Im looking in to buying another guitar partly because of this problem ( and because i need a tremelo bridge to do dive bombs ). Any solutions?
mute it with your left hand? im confused
is it completely random or are you hitting it? cause it sounds like its a ghost teasing you
take it to a tech maybe your neck might be warped a little or you need to adjust your action
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when i play on the guitar sooner or later my lower E string is gna start ringing nd start blocking out my other notes. For example: I play reptillia and after the second time of the main riff my E string is ringing and go to a harmonic of the note that i played last that made it ring. It is extremely wierd and even harder to explain. Basicly i play a song, the E string rings and i havent even looked at it...
This used to happen to me all the time. If its only the low E string, then simply try palm muting it while playing. If you shake or bump the guitar while playing, that may cause the lower strings to vibrate, so be careful
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