I'm thinking about buying one of these(Ovation CC44 8TQ)

is it a good guitar? I played one and liked the feel and sound but are there any problems with ovations or down sides i should know about?
The most common problems people have wth Ovations involve feel and sound, so if it felt good and sounded good to you, I'd say you're all set.
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My nephew has an Ovation. I'm not crazy about the sound or the feel. The plastic, or whatever it is, they use on the back just feels cheap and effects the sound. Have you tried playing any other brands? If you really like it, then by all means buy it. FWIW, they look nice.
yea. ive played many different acoustics. my friend has a guild from the 70s and a new guild from the 2000s both high end ones. and ive played 12 strings and 6 strings of various brand at the store. but ive always just had a love for the ovation look and feel and sound. and i love blue quilt top
In that case, it sounds like it's for you. Personally, I just can't stand the back. It rolls off my leg when I play sitting down, and I sit down to play 90% of the time, so it was really a no brainer for me. The sound is also quite lacking to me, but that's always the case with Ovations. You either love or hate them.
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i would like them if not for the fact that it wont stay on my lap when i sit / :

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I hate the sound and feel, but I'm not the one buying the instrument. If you think it's the one, go for it!
I'll also have to agree that they want to fall off my lap when I sit down but neither were they very comfortable with a strap standing either. If you can possibly at all, try before you buy!
i dislike playing ovations .. i personally dont like the sound and i dont like the back sliding off my leg also .. but if u like it man .. ur the one playing it .. get what you like
take it easy man .. its just a thread