Is that a good bass for rock/punk/alternative style?
I'm obviously new to this and don't really know; haha. Looking for a package as I only have about $200 US, and I need and amp and everything;

only 13; so no job to get more money, took me about a year to get THAT much.


EDIT: Or this one?


Which bass is better for
1) the money
2) the bass

in no particular order; haha.
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they are basically p and j copys
i ratter get the p(1st one) since it sounds punchier and with lots of bottom but i you want a more cutting soudn(listen to some antiflag) the 2nd one is for you
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Having played in punk bands, to me, the classic bass punk sound is the Pbass (The revolver bass in your choices). Though Klaus Fluoride made a career of getting a great punk sound out of a jazz, so go figure.

Silvertone's are ok for starter basses. Since you live in VA, I would also look at Craigslist and Ebay. Lately, I have seen really good deals in your budget with people selling nice Squier Precisions with practice amps--for slightly more than your budget, say 250 USD.
List Price: $379.98
Our Price: $474.98

but yeah that'll do.
but youre going to want to upgrade later on.
Quote by cwl
List Price: $379.98
Our Price: $474.98

but yeah that'll do.
but youre going to want to upgrade later on.

Haha. I DID find that funny; but I'm looking at the sale price.
yea i would get the first one since it looks more like a p bass copy. Never heard of the brand though so i cant say much about that.