Hey everyone

im looking into buying a decent rack tuner money is not a problem

so open to any suggestions.
I dont know man a rack tuner seems pretty useless when you can just get a pedal but thats just me.
fair enough but the reason why i want a rack tuners is because i currently have a wireless system for my live rig, and then once i get my new amp... im looking into putting the head into a case with a 4u rack space so i can put the wireless and a tuner in there
just get a behringer...400 dollars for a tuner seems a little steep...but that's just me
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Korg DTR-2000 and the Fender RT-1000 are both great rack tuners. The BOSS TU-2 is a great pedal tuner for anyone who is looking for a pedal. I use pedals. My bassist uses the Fender RT-1000. I used to plug in to his tuner in-between songs during our set before I got my TU-2 and it worked great for my guitar and his bass. My friend has the Korg DTR-2000 and it works just as well as the other 2, but is a little more pricey.

Hope this helps.
cheers guys,

I have the berhinger one already but it just doesnt seem to respond well

Cheers again