I've decided i am going to write and record a concept album to release this month.(i release a cd every couple months.) And well, this is the first time i have ever attempted to write one. My questions are:

1)have any of you guys written an album like this?
2)Did you write a basic storyline first?
3)did you write it in order(beginning to end)

thanks. just looking for some know how on the subject.

well i've gotten somewhat off a concept and my first song written. but hmmm...where to go. What do you think of having UG choose where to go in a series of polls and **** for each song? like i wrote my first song about a son who is neglected by his mother, so ill throw up a poll on here and ask ug to vote on what comes next? sound like a good idea?
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I think its guna be hard to write the story/concept, record it, and release it all in one month.
Figure out your concept first, and then worry about the individual songs. What's a concept album without a good concept?

I guess my answer is "basic storyline" out of your options up there.
I have written 2 concept albums, the only problem you might have is that I didn't focus on writting them. It's just that, during some time, some of my lyrics tend to fit together quite good, and in that way, without thinking, I made two of them. Of course, if you focus on writing it, it might be harder than you expect, but yes. The first thing to do is to find a concept. It was not what I did but a concept wasn't my goal.
story board it before you write too many songs

just think of an ending or an opener, place a few twists in the story or some intresting/strange things in your music and fill in the blanks

thats how im doing it
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