If there's anyone who can tell me about.

Was the Epiphone G-400 Custom discontinued?. I do have been wondering to get one, I found this is the best one for that kind of guitar I've been wanting, but there are no Internet shop selling it. Was it discontinued?.

Thanks for your attention.
If it's still on Epiphone's website, you could make a fairly strong guess that it hasn't been discontinued.
I think it has been for the most part. I really liked that guitar too, looked verrrry classy. But idk, if the Epi site says its not discontinued, it probably isnt.
A lot of Epiphone and Gibson models aren't being stocked in many shops now because of issues they've had with their distributor, and the simply fact that Gibson and Epi aren't selling anywhere near as well as they were a few years ago. So many shops now will only stock the models that they know they can definitely sell in a reasonable time at a good profit, which generally is only the Standard models.
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dude, some models aren't being sold in a lot of shops. you just gotta search around.

look on ebay, just make sure its legit, basicly look at the pictures and at the headstock and you can pretty much tell, i got mine new off ebay about i guess a year and a half ago, and they probaly havent all been sold lol, its a nice guitar thoe, especially if you put some new pups in it
it's still in production but it's going b a hard find.
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