Do you keep your earhpnes on but with ht e music off so you can pretend to listen to

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51 36%
25 18%
I hate the TS.
65 46%
Voters: 141.
other people's coversations without them knowing?
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On second thought, **** tuning forks. You best be carrying around a grand piano that was tuned by an Italian
No offense but thats gay.
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I hijacked this!
No, but I put earbuds in and pretend to be listening to the conversation when I'm actually listening to music.
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No, but I put earbuds in and pretend to be listening to the conversation when I'm actually listening to music.


i chose the third option.
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Yes, but I voted that I hate you anyway.


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No, but I put earbuds in and pretend to be listening to the conversation when I'm actually listening to music.

this... again smb is the only one to give a straight forward answer
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I think
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option 3... i put one earbud in to listen to music, keep one out to listen to conversations/lessons..

best of both worlds
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It's Earphones not earhpnes or earhpone

That's why you fucking failed your English class twice you fucking moron

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I usually do the opposite.
But I don't set out to do this, sometimes I pause and listen.
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I voted for the third option actually too.
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On second thought, **** tuning forks. You best be carrying around a grand piano that was tuned by an Italian
The only pair of headphones I own are some vintage noise canceling Koss that are hooked up to my receiver.I dont own earbuds , or an MP3 player.
This looked like it was going to be such a good thread. When I started reading I thought he was going to say "Do you keep your earphones on but the music off so you can....stop annoying ass people from talking to you when you dont want to talk to them." And I was all ready to say "Me! Me! I do that!"
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depends who the convo's about and if i think its something bad about me
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I like to put the earbuds in my asshole and play Pulling Teeth by Metallica at full volume and then poop out a little lars urlich

i've done it before. it's not something i do regularly, but if i hear something that catches my attention i will pause the music for a bit to see what is being discussed.
I tried to. Because i like to eavesdrop. But i couldnt resist the urge to switch the music on.
Yes. I blast my music up loud (or as everybody think is loud) and then when people talk about me in front of them, they don't realize I can still hear them. Then at the end I say "I can hear you guys"
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My music is usually loud enough so that people around me can tell whether or not I'm listening to it. I don't blast them, I just like to be able to hear the 'full' song.

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Well, my headphones are like earmuffs so I can't hear much without music playing. :/ If I think someone's talking about me though, I'll pause the song and listen as hard as I can. I still have my old headphones, which are actually just a headphone. They broke. Anyway, I use that when I take the bus so I can hear if anyone's saying anything about me. Call it paranoia, call it a deluded sense of grandeur, whatever. :P
i cant not evesdrop. if i hear any conversation, i cant tune it out no matter how hard i try. so i use headphones to ignore people. no one's got anything good to say anyway.
I have no opinion on this matter.
Sometimes. Depends on what kind of info's going around. You'd be surprised what you hear when others think you're not listening.
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I only did this once. I got on the bus (with music on) and saw some girls I know and said hi and sat near them, I noticed they got really quiet when they saw me so I assumed they were talking about me. I blasted my music for a few seconds so they thought I couldn't hear them, then i turned it down all the way.

They were actually talking about my best friend and how they heard he was cheating on his girl.

I didn't correct them for the lulz
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I do so my family won't talk to me but I can still hear the ****en tv.
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No I just listen to music and their conversation at the same time.

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