Anyone hear about this yet? I was going to call during hours but I forgot.

Guitar Center is having their "Guitar-A-Thon"


One of the deals is:

"Buy 10 sets of D'Addario EXP's, get a dreadnought acoustic guitar FREE!"

Somehow I'm skeptical... but I need strings so I figure even if the guitar is worth like $30 on craigslist it comes out ok?


I want to know which strings qualify, the price of the strings, and of course whats the guitar.

Its a cheap guitar. I've seen it for the last week at least. Not a super new thing but yeah. I believe it was there since black friday.
i went all the way up to a guitar center last night and they said it was some sort of silvertone acoustic, and when i asked to see it they told me they never got any in stock

so the store i went to never ever had them and they advertise it like crazy just so people will come in the store
It's probably not any good, but if you need the strings, then getting a free guitar won't hurt. I'd keep it just for traveling/beater and if you break it then it won't matter.
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I have seem them at mine, at least one display one with all the strings. It didn't seem like it would be too bad really...
I was at guitar center today and saw a bunch of them.

I don't think it was a solid top or anything, but it wasn't awful.
Well figuring those strings already go for more than $100 for 10 packs it isnt a horrible deal to me...

Especially if you can get a friend that wants 5 packs you dont tell them about the deal and get a guitar and 5 sets of strings for $50 is cool.
I have the letter in front of me now, "get 10 D'Adarrio EXP11 acoustic strings for 99.99 and we'll throw in a free Silvertone acoustic guitar!"

word for word.