I dropped by guitar center today and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the B600H on the floor, sitting atop a B810. I grabbed the closest bass to me (the white P Deluxe there) and plugged in. The 810 cab made the rig sounds huge, but still definitely an Acoustic...nice and clear. The head seems to have the same preamp as the B200H, though they've thankfully added a mute switch. I'd say they're making good on the Acoustic name.

and without further ado...


edit: as a side note, I also played that black Yamaha in the back there through it...I don't know what it was, but don't buy it The thing felt like it was made of plywood, and sounded horribly thin unless I solo'd the P pup, and then it was just muddy
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Thank you for leaving that Thunderbird where it was.

Now, this is all well and good, but when's the inevitable 360 preamp going to be reissued? Or the 200W 360 power amp? Or 361 118 cab? OK, I doubt they'll bother reissuing the cab, but yeah. Price?
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Thank you for leaving that Thunderbird where it was.
shoulda pulled a Pete Townshend on that thing.

sounds like fun may be worth looking into, it is probably a very well priced set up, like always.
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I think its something like $599 for the head, and a little less for the cab. I played through it, and it had a nice sound, but I'm never really blown away by an amp in the store. I need to play one for a lot of time to get all the nuances and whatnot.

EDIT: Looking more at the features, seems like it has tons of quality addons like pre/post DI, effects loop mix, tuner out etc. Reminds me a little of a certain company that begins with C and ends with arvin.
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^ That sounds right, I think I read $599 for the head and $499 for the cab on Talkbass somewhere. They didn't have the price tags on the one here, though, so I can't confirm...sorry guys. I'm sure it'll be awesome, whatever the price, though...it's really a nice rig.

edit: I forgot to mention, the cab is really small...not a large cab for an 810 at all. I don't know how that will affect the sound when you crank it...hopefully it won't.
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it upsets me how small the bass section in my GC is compared to others but im heading there today so i will be on the look out for this
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I saw it this in the newsletter thingy Guitar Center sends me, and I got all excited then I remembered: 1. I'm holding off on getting my b200, or head/combo deal because I need space, so where the hell could I fit a 8x10
2. It's taking me over 5 months to decided to spend 400 dollars. How long would it take for me to spend over 1000 at once?

I'm going to make sure I try that one out (if my GC has it) on the next trip there.
ive heard that 8x10 sucks like really badly. I have never played an acoustic and probably never will. It was empty and lacked any punch. Any one wish to differ.
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