This lacks the gravitas of dysfunctional mathcore, which is basically about being dysfunctional and not having general conventions.
This song is strongly conventional and (dare I say it?) generic.
Have you heard of Car Bomb?
Not a bad band, as their copy and paste mechanisms are similar to this.
But they don't do it for me.
Neither does this.

You live in Jersey?
Mo****ing #12 is from there.

Anyway. This song is interesting.
If you were to add more discordant guitar parts, it would really flesh it out.
Also, it needs a better conclusion.
I'm not sure if you were finished writing this piece or not, but mathcore does have abstract ways of being, so maybe that was your ending for this song.

Would you like to do a little C4C?
I had some mathcore-like songs, but I took them down in favor of more...well some of the songs I have up now are nowhere near traditional.
I think you may like Froydmein.
That or McPaincore.
I've never really listened to mathcore before so I'm not sure how it matches up to the genre.
But I liked the song, either way. Especially the bass riff on the 2nd last bar of the song.
Very good job. Nice use of many types of harmonics.