Hey guys. Me and my band have our first gig in two weeks...

To set the scene, there's usually 3 of us (2 guitars, singer), drums and bass on backing track (also strings etc as needed). However for this first ever gig we're down to 2 of us! ARHH

Now it's not as bad as it sounds. The pub that we are playing in can literally only hold 40-50 ppl at the very maximum! Also the spot where we'll play is JUST big enough for us to stand. So basically me and singer are gunna knock out 20ish tracks on electro acoustics + electric guitar.

It's all covers at the moment, ranging from Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon to the Verve and Oasis...

I'm doing the first half of the set on acoustic (with the singer joining me for a couple) and the second half on my Electric. Then in the encore we'll both return to acoustics.

It's your average type of pub, age's between 18 - 30 and it'll be full of people we know as we've advertised like crazy (as you can imagine it's not difficult to fill such a small venue lol)

Now you've got us pictured in your head, here're my question...

I wanted to start the evening with up-tempo track (something like Ohh La by the Kooks) to really make a first impression. However my singer wants to start with something understated and slow-ish tempo and then straight after launch into a quicker song.

What does everyone think to this idea? Bear in mind that we'll be stood facing a wall of people we know, half drunk already on a saturday night at 9.30.

Our set includes a couple of slower tracks in the mix and I'm fine with that. I'm just a little worried about starting with something like 'Cannonball - Damien Rice'

Any comments on this? or anything else that would help us?

Thanks in advance. I was thinking of posting the entire set list in order for your opinions... maybe I will if I get any feedback here.

That's MY theory exactly. We'll see how it goes.

Anyone else got an opinion on this?