hey can anyone suggest good strings for drop c. I use the dr dimenag strings at the moment but I wanna experiment. I am in a metalcore band, so if you guys can recomend some gear it would help
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all i can recommend is to get thick gauge strings.. for the brand, trying them out yourself is always the way to go.
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can u give a number? As in gauge size I mean because if the strings are to thick they sound funny on certain guitars, I use an ibanez rg2ex2 by the way
Music is like cand, Throw away the Rappers
I use .11 to .70's on mine, and I tune from Drop C to Drop B in and out a fair bit. It really depends on what you like in string tension, personally i like my low E and A strings to be super tight for riffing, but lately i've been using lower gauge strings on the GBE strings for easier lead work.

It all comes down to what you prefer in tension really, but for drop C i'd use 70s at the most and 60s at the least.