Alright, so I'm trying to book a show in my local community. But, I've got a problem.

The small scene that we were fostering was based around a local VFW Hall. However, they recently hiked the price up for renting it to an unaffordable level. I've been looking for a venue, but I can't seem to find anything. I'm trying to do all ages shows. That means I want to skip out on bars. Does anyone have any advice on searching for a venue?

I've heard that it's possible to squat a place and have a show there. But, I don't know what I'd do then in the way of power. I've heard that generators would be a terrible thing to use to power a PA and up to three amps(not to mention a light) because of the way they supply power. Also, I have no idea where I could get everyone to park. Odds are that would be subjective to the chosen squat.
Squatting really depends on where you live. In Canada, there's pretty much no chance you could squat a building for that purpose, but perhaps where you live things are different. As far as power goes, the best option would be to find a place that already has power. Often when buildings get abandoned, the power will stay on for some time after because the utilities are still hooked up. That's something that really depends on the place. As far as parking goes, you would just have to make sure everyone knows that they should park somewhere off the property to make sure the place doesn't get busted.

As far as venues go, in Calgary we've mostly used community centers. However, the best venues here have been other things. Currently most of the All Ages shows are happening at a hot dog store that serves beer and is kind of a "hip" place to go. If you can find a place like that, it's worth mentioning to the owners of the shop that they will make a lot of money from the people attending the show.

Another place we used to use was the basement of a thrift store. They just happened to have a cool basement on their property, and they let people have shows in the basement because people would buy stuff in their store between sets and stuff. It was a pretty lucky find and I've been looking for something similar since that place closed with no luck, but something like that is pretty ideal.

In Canada we have things called the Royal Canadian Legion which are like social clubs for war veterans, and the one downtown has lent out their space for shows as well. I'm fairly certain other countries have similar things, so it's worth checking into that sort of thing as well.

The only problem with community centers here is that after a few shows, some idiot will break something or they'll get noise complaints and will refuse to host shows anymore. We've pretty much gone through all the community centers here, but if your town hasn't had very many shows at community centers it's probably a good idea to call some up and ask if they'll let you book there. Some can be pretty pricy, but some can be cheap as well. It's worth asking around.

Good luck.
some bars or venues will do 16+ or even 14+ shows if you ask them and assure them that you'll ID people on the door and stamp people

also why not turn it into a charity event? promote it well as raising some money for a good cause and alot of places will give you a discount, possibly even do it for free and you could even get some free promotion in local press.
I've put on benefit shows for grassroots activist groups and nobody cared. Maybe if you were raising money for a "real" charity...
You could always try houses or basements but i can see how that can be inconvenient, there's no way I can personally do that in my community. Call local churches, sometimes if they have a gym or community place they'll let you rent it out, it would pretty much would be the same as a community center. A couple skateparks around me put on shows too so call them up if you have any.
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I really want to do this in my town. No decent bands though.
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If you live near or in a college /university town, try student co-op housing units. Many bands in California started this way. There's still a good one in Santa Cruz called Zami! that sponsers punk shows.
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I've put on benefit shows for grassroots activist groups and nobody cared. Maybe if you were raising money for a "real" charity...

try raising money for cancer research, everyone loves cancer charities

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I really want to do this in my town. No decent bands though.

thats not really all that important, most bands from other areas will put alot of effort into playing outside of their own home town, its more important that you can get enough kids together to turn up to watch to make it worth while