Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the guitar and playing, but I have a line6 Pod 2.0 and I'm looking for a good powered monitor (that's what my friend told me I needed). I don't have alot of money to spend on amp and half stack and such, and I really LOVE my POD. So I was wondering if a powered monitor would be good to hook up to it to get more sound. All I do is play for friends and family at home and small parties and such and my Logitech 5.1s aren't cutting it anymore. Please help, thanks guys.

BTW-- I have Jackson DXMG with stock EMG Hz humbuckers
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What about the Roland Cube Monitor 30? If you're running a POD then a monitor will help you get a better sound.
I seen an ad in my new Guitar World magazine for the JBL EON 500 and I just wanted to get some professional opinions on this matter. I checked out that Roland and it looks awesome. I don't know how a 30W would perform, but I think I want more power. I don't know what would sound good with this POD, but I'm sure others would know as well. If this would suffice, let me know, but if anyone has any others that would work better with what I have now, please let me know. Thanks for the advice tho, I really appreciate it.

BTW-- I can easily give up about 800 dollars on this, so please, any options in this price range would be welcomed. I play mostly 80's metal stye and some classic rock, and also Clean stuff.
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