hey peeps, just wanting to know of your thoughts of either of my songs on my profile.

I believe the better one to be "tricks", but hey, im an idiot/biased

will C4C as the headline suggests.

Thanks heaps,

The vocals for were a bit too soft in both songs. From what I've heard, you sound a little anxious. Try to be more confident.
I liked the acoustic guitar playing, but I think the tone in 'while you can' could be a bit better, try fiddling around with the mic position a bit (if you're micing it, if it's a direct line-in maybe adjust your tone a bit). I liked the tone in 'Tricks' much more

Overall: 7/10

Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1015599
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Yeah, the mixing is messed up as far as the vocals go. Also, EQ the guitar, it sounds very dull and flat - try brightening it up and adding a little bass to it. Playing is all there, its just hard to rate this song because the mix sucks. From what I can hear it sounds nice; you do need some work on the vocals performance wise though. You need to work on getting more power behind your voice but a lot of that will come in time. Add some reverb to the vocals if you can, they need some room.

Pretty decent songs, just work on the production. C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1016026
thanks for the feedback guys

yeah, the recording quality is due to my mp3 player, shall be getting a presonus inspire soon, with some shure mics, so i'll have some decent recordings up soon.
i listened to while you can..
it's pretty good .. buh umm .. it'd be better if you turn up your vocals up..

C4C? songs are up on my profile..
the recording quality is, well, ****ty, but the song is really good lol, i think, your voice was very low in the mix, but it had almost an early foo fighters vibe to it. both songs had good chord progression too. Good stuff
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Sorry but, who or what is C4C?
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Sorry but, who or what is C4C?

lol, C4C my friend stands for = Crit for crit. Which in turn means that if someone else would like me to crit them, that if they crit me, then i'll crit them.

And thanks for the feedback fellas, especially the early Foo fighters comment, i liked that haha.