..then my amp.

Ok, this is going to sound real dumb I know. But let me explain

I have a EP100, 80w Ashton and use a Line6 Floor Pod. Ok, all average - cheap if you like - gear, but all I can afford for the mo.

But when I listen through headphones straight into the Pod, many of my preselects sound really good, especially all the distorted sounds.

Yet, often when I use the amp in the band I'm in - for fun or occasional BBQ gig- it just doesn't sound as good, In fact, many of the distorted sound downright awful the higher the volume gets through the amp.

Why is this? It's frustrating to have something that sounds real good in the headphones, but crap when it's pumped at a reasonable volume with the amp.

Is it the amp? Do I need a better one? A combination of all the gear I use? Am I doing something wrong? I've never actually figured how to use tone controls to work together on both the amp and floor pod.

Any help very appreciated.

if your gonna use the eq decide which one to use
(probably better to use the pods eq)
and leave the amp eq flat (12 oclock position on knobs)
then use the pods eq
never use both eqs always leave one of them flat
Hmm.. Maybe try less trebles or distortion?
Or just turn all the effects and tones to zero on your amp and set the tone only from pod.
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um just get a vypyr 30 mate.off and swap the stock speaker.its better than my switchblade

H&K Switchblade? Yeah right...
Mate it will always sound better through your head phones because they are at a set EQ this is great for you CDs etc but not for your guitar tone as you cant tell if you need more bass, treble etc....
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You should try plugging your POD into the P.A. you use for gigs.
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Thanks for the help guys. I'll play around a bit more and see what I come up with.
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um just get a vypyr 30 mate.off and swap the stock speaker.its better than my switchblade

....lol no comment. i can get practically any tone i want out of my switchblade. can't say much about speakers since i'm using a avatar cab with v30s
Ah! Found a small problem with the big Ashton. The tone controls all seemed to be stuffed. If I set all amp tone features off, I get no sound at all.

If I advance any of the regulars - bass, mid, treble or reverb the volume increases as well so much that I get massive feed back like screeching coming out. Even at low master/volume settings.

Even my little 10w samic sounds doesnt do this and works fine when I reduce all tone knobs.

So I found that if I increase the mid and treble barely a few milimetres I get a FAR better sounding tone out the amp.

Either way, time to hand the amp back to my brother-in-law and buy myself a descent amp.
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H&K Switchblade? Yeah right...

im not kidding it sounds bloody good
infact ive leant my switchblade out coz im not using it anymore