Ok so secret Santa is where you get all the names of everyone in a group then each person draws a name from the pile at random and the name you get you have to buy a present for.

We've decided a £3 budget and it's for a girl i don't even know.....she's 17.

Shall I just buy chocolate ?
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Get her a mountain goat.

Probably over £3

Im sure she'd have loved one though
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Uhh there was this guy who didn't get any of the questions in some exam so he put 2 pencils in his nose and headbutted the desk.. and died.. that's pretty stupid.

If you have one near you go to POUNDLAND, you can get her 3 fantastic gifts
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If you have one near you go to POUNDLAND, you can get her 3 fantastic gifts

Or, better still, if you have a 99p store near you, you can get her 3 fantastic gifts.
Itunes? She can get like one song she really wants?

I dunno.

Since you don't know her, gift failure shouldn't hurt so bad.

FISH CAKES!!!!!!!!!!!

but seriously, it depends on the situation where you're actually doing the secret santa, like the chamber orchestra is doing secret santa in my school and i have to get a gift for that, but my gifts have to be like 15 USD, you only have like 4 USD to spend... maybe if you wanted to feel like a great person you could get a 10$(7 pounds) american express card or something of that like, a gift card to starbucks always works, or etc...

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£3 is pretty lame, should have made it a fiver or something. But idk, since it's secret then it doesnt matter if the gift sucks, just go into town and see what you can find in shops.
I guess. It's only school really so it doesn't actually matter but I just really didn't have a clue what to get...............

So then I thought chocolate would be good because.... who doesn't like chocolate?

But then I thought....what if she's someone who doesn't like chocolate?

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