after christmas i would like to get a new guitar but im unsure on buying one or building 1, im look at a telecaster as i currently have a strat (with a Symour duncan hot rails in the bridge, other 2 are stock pickups which came with the budget guitar) my budget would be about £200

option A:

build kit: http://www.themusicking.co.uk/build-your-own-electric-guitar-t-style-left-or-right-handed

and buy new pickups as cant imagine that the ones it came with will be too good (can anyone suggest any, id liek to play punk but also have a bit heavyer 1, kinda like sum 41's fat lip, but be able to do stuff like offspring, greenday and rise against)

Option B:

buy telecaster:
1) http://www.reverb-store.co.uk/product-detail.asp?prod=2047

2) http://www.reverb-store.co.uk/product-detail.asp?prod=2060

i currently have a Aria AG10X however im hoping to get a Orange crush 30r for my birthday or xmas

i have a digitech grunge pedal and hoping to get boss CH1 for xmas or birthday

thanks for any help
It depends, what do you feel like you wanna do... I'd say build, but its a kit and kit are usually just factory 2nds chucked in a box (not good quality)
Buying a guitar would be your best bet, unless you really wanna build one, check out warmoth
If you're serious about assembling your own guitar, Warmoth do excellent work. You can have your guitar made pretty much any way you want.

Oz <3 his bengal burst Warmoth LP
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yeah, you choose your body, cavities and neck etc, they pretty much sell you a custom kit thats good quality
looking on the site tho it seems its a little over my budget (body and neck would be over budget) , although pickups are cheep enough, if i could get the shiped over
Don't know if they ship overseas, but check out grizzly.com. They make some superb kits, and depending on the currency exchange rates when you buy, I'm pretty sure they'll be in your price range. They come with gorgeous quilted maple and such too!

Also, just in general, I would suggest building. I know that's what you'll hear from everyone in the Guitar Building & Customizing forums ( surprise ), but honestly once you get going, you realize you'll never want to buy guitars from shops ever again. With a bit of experience and patients, you can make a guitar for 200 pounds that performs FAR better than anything you could ever buy for that price, and not only that, it would be built precisely to your specifications and desires, both cosmetically and component-wise. Having that ability will be something no one can take away from you, and it will free you from the constraints of buying cheap crap from mass production factories that doesn't really match your desired specs. It's a win win my friend, just get started, you won't regret it!
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what pickups would people recomend ? for the punk sound

Hi dude. I'm in the UK too. Where are you?

I use these, becasue they are made right here in good old England, they are well rated and there is a variety. You can also call the guy who makes them and talk to him, try that with Seymour Duncans!

They are cheap individually, but if you buy a set (2 or 3) they are cheaper.