Hey pit, I heard this song on the radio the other day and didn't catch enough of the lyrics to be able to find it with google

I uploaded a little mp3 of what it sounded like into my profile.

That's the main riff, its done on guitar and there's really just that and a bass part throughout the entire song (though it may be sampled out of something else....).
There's like a verse of rapping then a female soul vocalist comes in for the rest of the song. The only lyrics I got were something along the lines of "you know if you do it right everything is going to be alright"

I Googled It For You

It was probably Everything Will Be Alright by The Killers, but that's a guess

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Quote by merfsullivan
Is it that Leona Lewis song?

after only quickly checking some youtube clips....nope, different voice

if you took away the rap part and the modern production you'd almost say it was a song from the 60s
No idea, sounds like you have something good going on with that little clip though!