The first part of my new solo project - available on my UG profile

I've recorded everything myself (as usual ) with a few VSTi plugins for the drums and string ensembles.

Tell me what you think

I will crit for crit
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i love the tone for the solo at the beginning, and overall it reminds me of opeth and another band called isis, very little negative critisism, 5/5, what are you using for drums
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hey man, thanks for your crit on mine.

Well to start off with, this isn't really my kinda thing to listen to, since this is much heavier than my usual knowledge of music.

I liked the intro, with the rhythm guitar that just ran through the strings for the first 50 seconds or so, especially with the lead playing some bluesy notes over the top, that stuff was great. The rest wasn't bad, your obviously good at producing/mixing, and you know your metal pretty well, so on that basis, im gonna give you a 3.5-4/5

Sounds pretty bad-ass.
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Really good construction and recording but needs more.There's a tuning issue at the beginning with one or more of the distorted guitars and the grace notes on the lead you use to run through at the beginning doesn't seem to fit.The drums are a little over-compressed.
Other than that a very good composition.

First off, the quality and tone is great. Your intro rhythm is really cool as is the lead, specifically around 37 seconds. The way you set the mood is really nice, it gives your song a very eerie vibe to it and the vocals only add onto this. One thing is that the rhythm under the strings seems to get a bit repetitive for me, but the strings lead keeps it interesting enough as well. The piano break really worked well, but the vocals don't really do much for me. I mean I don't think it ruins the song but, to me, they don't serve much of a purpose. Very nice job, I look forward to part 2.

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