have a listen, im not sure what genre it would fall under. was previously unfinished but nows its....finished lol

many MANY thanks to "ReplayTheBread" who helped me finish the song

C4C if you want..

GP5 only, sorry
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One word.

Solo. Right after the second chorus. Slide into a bend! It'll sound magical trust me.

Overall the song was pretty decent I liked the strings and piano parts. The guitar was iffy for me. Especially where the F/D and F/C chords were being used. But thats just a personal thing and it could've been because of the midi. (My comp's too much of a piece to use RSE)

If you feel like criting mine, could you look at Never again in my sig.
Yeah I agree, epic solo would be awesome
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I agree with B00bs, that the guitar isn't great. I think the notes in the chords are too close together, which creates kind of a crappy sound. You should move the melody notes up an octave. Look at the attached file to see what I mean.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's awesome, but I really don't care for the fact that the chorus and the verse are the same. The verse repeats itself a lot, so switching it up helps the song immensely. It was probably douchebaggy of me to do, but I went ahead and made a new chorus and put it in the attached file.

And I definitely have to agree with the others, that a solo would be nice. Of course, this is easier said than done, but it would increase the song's awesomeness exponentially.

Keep up the good work, bro!
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HOLY ****

that chorus is like, epic!!! XD

the melody has also sorta gave me a basis for a solo , so THANK YOU....VERY much

i'l repost once i've came up with a solo (easier said than done lol)
OK done

what i've done bread, is i used the strings/piano to carry the melody during the chorus, and i used that guitar part that was there, was the solo! XD

have a listen and tell me what you think



That's the crit.


Intro- Its perfect, it doesnt drag on for too long and it keeps your attention.

Main- It's good, but i think you should have had track 5 variate some, just some room for better stuff

Verse-Its boring, but only because there are no vocals to fill that gap.

Chorus- The strings are awesome, and i love the vibe it gives.

Solo- It's almost magical, transitions very well from the chorus, though i think you should variate bar 49, make it like, in 3rds or something

Outro- The ending was awesome, especially when the guitars fade out.

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Yes, poop.
It needs lyrics or something, its really dry right now.. Its not bad at all . just seems like its missing life to it.

ur stuck on 8th notes try to get diffrent rythems that would help but other that
I dont know what else to comment.. i'll just say practice more
and if you make lyrics...it will drive the goal of the song better.(hard to explain)
Reminds me of A7X - Strength of the World
In a good way.
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