This is the first recording I've done in a while.

It's more Rock than Metal this time.

Check it out.
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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I like your playing - your soloing, but the riffs underneath seem kind of generic. Up until the bridge/interlude everything seems like I've heard it before. The bridge is much better, stronger and better focused. The other sections are alright but they just don't pop. Overall its a decent recording, just not amazing.

The same thing happens with the other song in your profile 'instrumental'. Parts of it are really cool but the chords/riff underneath the heavy parts get kind of stale. Keep working at it though, you have a lot of cool ideas, they're just held back a little by the other stuff.
Great bit of 80s cheese there, and really slick playing, particularly with your focus on melody more than technique.

My biggest issue- I don't like the drum sounds, they're too tinny. The guitars sound good enough that it could be a really professional sounding song with a bit more attention; you really need that big, booming 'gated reverb' snare and less tinny cymbals. The actual drum programming is good though.
Also maybe consider pseudo-mastering the final mix with a multiband compressor/gEQ, putting a little more emphasis on the bass and lower-mid frequencies.

Great fun, catchy, and I'd agree that the WIN/FAIL ratio is pretty high indeed...