I want a similar sound to the tubes I'm using now (JJ 6L6GC’s in the power section. The preamp has 1 NOS RFT, 2 x ENGL branded 12ax7’s and a Harma 12AX7), not that I know which ones are the ones you have to replace haha. I will most likely order them on the internet, is this a good idea?
Also, I talked to a guy from my local guitar shop on the phone today and he quoted me £120 for new tubes and a full bias etc, is this a good deal?
No idea about the price, but I swapped my stock preamp tubes for

V1 Tung-Sol 12ax7
V2,3,4: JJ 12ax7

Basically I took out the two sovtek tubes (V1 and V4) and replaced them with a Tung=Sol for more bite and a JJ12ax7 for a more punchy low end.

I have yet to install the new JJ 6l6GCs I got...gotta get my bias kit
WTLTL 2011
hmm i may just be better off by paying the £120 and making sure its all sorted by someone who knows what they're doing haha.