im trying to save up for a Digitech RP1000... so im sellin my old drumset to Guitar center. im pretty much here to ask you guys how much you think id get, i dont wanna be excited then find out im 5 bucks short. im pretty sure this wont get me the whole 500$ i need but it should put a dent in it, im trying to sell them a whole basic set AND THEN SOME... if anyone can help me out id really appreciate it, this thread is devised for musicians to band together and help one another so keep all the flaming and "GO TO ULTIMATE-DRUMS.COM" **** out please

1. Drums
CB Drums SP Series 5 piece drumset with
-22" bass drum
-16" floor tom
-12" mounted tom
-13" mounted tom
-14" snare w/stand.
and 2 non-cb drums...
-Ludwig Accent 8" and 10" toms w/ mounted rack

2. Cymbals
-14" Zildjian Planet Z hihats
-20" Zildjian Planet Z Ride
-16" CB crash (beaten up)
-18" Zildjian ZHT Medium Crash
-18" Zildjian ZHT China
-6" Zildjian ZBT splash (teeny tiny crack in the side...)

3. Hardware
- throne
- two generic straight cymbal stands
-CB hihat stand
-PDP Straight Cymbal Stand
-TWO (2) PDP 800 Boom Cymbal Stands
- LEFT HANDED PDP 402 Double Bass Pedal
Guitar Center never gives you much for what you trade in. You can't really be sure.

Is there even an ultimate-drum.com? That'd be cool.
yeah man thats what i was worried about...... when i was a kid id sell games to Gamestop that i bought a month ago for 50$ and theyd only give me like 15$ so they can turn around and sell it for 40. us musicians already got it hard enough, practically noone pays for music anymore CUT US SOME ****ING SLACK CORPORATE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep it, or ebay it.

Big chain stores will spit on it, then stick a ****ing huge price tag on.