Hello, a couple of weeks ago i bought a Mexican Strat.

I love the guitar but a few things annoyed me, the black looked a bit plain, so instead of a white pickguard i put on a tortoishell one.
Now iv found its constantly going out of tune, and one of the machineheads is bust, so i want to replace them. I was looking at Schaller but couldnt find them for cheaper than £40 and im looking to spend £25 max, also i would like them to be black if possible.
Could anybody recomend me some good cheap-ish machineheads??

Im also looking at straplocks at the moment and set on the Schaller ones in black, if there are any better ones please tell me.
Thanks for any help
dude he JUST said he needs to buy at least one new one....

ts i d buy those schallers...40 pounds (around 55-60 euros) seems good and you wont find better ones at that price. If they are the locking tuners then you re set, it ll reduce going out of tune alot.

this way if you EVER get a new better guitar you can always use the same ones on that one
How do you know one of your machineheads is bust? What's wrong with it? Try some graphite (pencil lead) in the nut first.
But if you do replace them, gotoh do some good cheap stuff.
Not black but I can recommend these,

For the price they are very good quality.Dangleberry's find really good quality stuff an decent prices.I even bought a Strat Humbucker(Single Coil size) off them but they don;t seem to do them any more
But you can get similar if interested,


My El Cheapo Strat only ever goes out-of-tune slightly when I use the Trem arm and I can bring that in even live as it' so little.

Checkout the sounds here,


Just remembered.Those machineheads although they are great I had to drill out tje holes as they were a slightly larger diameter and the screws were in a different position so you may be better off with some exact ones,

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Do MIM strats usually go out of tune a lot? I'm thinkin of buying one for Xmas. Sorry if I'm 'jackin your thread TS....
I have several cheap guitars and their tuning was made good by fitting decent machineheads and using graphite or Moly based lubricant on the bridge saddles.Even some top guitars can get through QC with faults.

What im really looking for after taking a look at them is some that will just replace with the same screw slots if thats possible. And in answer to an earlier question, the peg for the high e constantly jams when its tightened a certain amount and then a snapping sound and the string become incredibly loose.