well, the bass is slapped, guitars for rhytm and drums impossible to play

its not finished and i dont know how to end it...

u can say it sucks, i dont really care
i just need tips...
u listen to protest the hero dont u?
it gets repetative u shuld change it up more
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U sure u want a floydrose? those things will make your nerves explode
Actually i dont know who are protest the hero...

if its emo so no im not listnening to protest the hero
well, I wouldn't say it sucks, and I wouldn't say the guitars were impossible to play either. Drums, maybe though, lol. Unless you have multiple percussionists.

I really don't know how you could end this, other than just going back to the intro and turning it into the outro. Let the bass go solo again like you did in the intro, then bring back the guitars and drums and just fade it out slowly. That's really all I could think to do. Pretty cool song though. It's clear what instrument you prefer here
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