i'm looking for a round 200-350$. i've been playing seriously for about year and a half and have used an old piece of crap run-down barely working epiphone amp but only one of the inputs sometimes works and sometimes it wont. I'd like something that i could gig with and something that i wont have to upgrade for a while. I play all different styles but mainly reggae, alternative, and blues. i have a fender Mexican telecaster. Also built in effects arent a big deal because ill buy pedals. I was looking at the 100w fender frontman but ive heard bad things about them on these forums. what suggestions do you have? Also i'd prefer not to go used because ive had bad experiences buying "gently used" gear.
get yourself a marshall AVT 100, 100 watts, sounds great with the mexican fender
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what kind of style will you be playing?
no matter what dont get one of those "hybrid amps"
their bunk

i picked up a bugera 6262 for $220 off ebay
best amp ive ever played
it sounds better than a peavey 5150
i can play absolutely anything on it and it will sound great