Right, well browsing the desktop posting thread has lead me to think that we should get a thread going for programs that people use on their desktop or otherwise and what they're for. I'm starting this to infact find out what some of them are so i can go investigate further. What programs to people reccomend?
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Recycle Bin.

That's it.

Recycle Bin FTW

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I don't, thanks to Vista I can hide ALL of them.

iTunes is in my taskbar, as is Firefox, Ctrl+Alt+G opens up Guild Wars, and whenever I need to use word I just hit the windows key and get it through the start menu.
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For Windows: objectdock or rocketdock, then tweakXP to get rid of Recycle Bin on XP.

For OSX, everything's there already. Just set up the corners for spaces/expose/etc.

For Linux: Compiz Fusion desktop environment

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Recycle Bin FTW

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