So I'm changing the strings of my 12-string (quite a task!), but can't get the peg out. How do I do that without the special tool?
Thank you!
butter knife, but the tool's worth it, it's only like 3 bucks.
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i use a wire cutter or something like that to lever them out carefully
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Take a business card, or fold some paper 2-3 times over to get it a bit thicker and place it up against the peg on the bridge so it is slid under the head. Take a metal tool (I use a pocket knife) and slide it on top of the paper so no part of the knife is touching wood. Gently use the knife blade as leverage to get the peg moving. Don't use a lot of pressure or you might mark the wood. Twist the knife along its axis like you want to roll it around, instead of jamming the tip of the blade down like a teeter totter. This will distribute the pressure more evenly

Or you can take some needle nose pliers in extreme cases and use a rag around the teeth, and protection around the peg on the bridge and gently try and work it loose that way if the knife doesn't work.

Or use your fingers and keep wiggling it until it gets free, but that will take a long time.

If you have a pair of ceramic tile snips, they are probably perfect for this (protecting the bridge again, of course).
i use a 2Mm pick or a needle nose pliers.
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Thanks a lot!
So that tool has the winder and the peg remover both? I still might buy it then.
On all the guitars I've ever changed strings on (which, admittedly, is not that many) the pins are held in place partly by the string's tension. If you take the string off the tuning peg and then push the string back into the body of the guitar the pins should come loose immediatley. It's still about as time-consuming as wiggling the pin loose with a butter knife or some sort of tool but this way feels much safer to me.
You can even get a really fancy one that has a wire cutter too. Those are around $10, but SO worth it. My advice would be not to get a really cheap Dunlop string winder. I have one. Yes, it does its job, but it doesn't rotate very well.
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