I've got a Fender Strat with the American 2-point Synchronised tremolo. Or so I believe. It is this guitar:

So the tuning is pretty stable with that thing, I only get problems when I start divebombing and stuff like that. The problem is that the goddamn trem arm is all over the place and feels like it's going to fall out any second. I was also hoping that a different tremolo would increase the guitar's sustain, because it's not bad by now, but could be better I believe.

I was looking at this trem:

Some of the most influential luthiers in my country recommend and regularly use it, so I thought I'd look at it. My question:
Will it fit in my Strat? I don't want to make irreversible modifications to my guitar (because of re-sale value), so milling is out of the question.

Alternatively, this seems like a good trem, too:

I don't know anything about it though and I'd like to know what the big difference is between it and the Schaller 2000.

What other trems are there that would be a good choice?
I figure Wilkinsons are worth a look, but will those go in without drilling/milling?
Screw in the bar so it stops moving, and generally trems don't have the best sustain because of little contact with the body.
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Only screw it till it doesnt hang straight down. You'll be fine
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Is it possible to damage the trem/arm if I screw it in too deeply?

Well, once it gets tight, it won't break unless you pull a hulk.
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So, are you happy to tighten the arm, or are you still looking to get a new Trem, that doesn't have the issues of your current Trem (or any other) and will do what you want it to do and pretty much, slot straight in?