Hey, i just made an account here so im not sure if this is suppose to be posted here. ive been playing guitar for 6 months,but im feeling overwhelmed. i don't know what to practice. i can play little parts of songs from a bunch of bands,but i always end up just switching from song to song when i get into trouble. can somebody please help me and tell me what i should practice and in what order. or maybe what songs or w/e they practiced when they first started, to novice, etc. maybe i should get a book or something? i had some guitar lessons, but the teacher wasn't really helping much so i quit. can somebody please help, im having a real hard time here. thanks a lot.
books can help alot if you understand them. but at the same time only get you so far before you must try and learn things in other forms. take a class or get a new teacher, whichever works best. basic books teach pretty easy to learn songs. get a few of those down then slowly go onto bigger and better things. theres a whole world of music to learn. so take it slow. be patient and it will all come to you.
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