I wrote this one after a particularly good day, and a particularly frightening night. That night, being a Christian, I was praying, when I felt a certain disconnection between myself and God. In the middle of it, I just opened my eyes, and I just laid there for a while. Now I do believe in God, I am still a Christian, but that night I wasn't so sure. Then I got into the whole "wish my life was different" thing. Anyway, enough backstory, you probably didn't even read it anyway

This piece changes constantly, so I am very open to criticism on this one.

Woke up, feeling the same
"Another day" I did proclaim
Wasn't happy, but life wasn't bad
Not necessarily joyful or sad
This day got better than usual
Have had better, I do recall
But still this was different it surely seemed
Pretty certain it wasn't dreamed
No, not dreamed, not that fun
Just didn't wait til' the day was done
Lied down to rest and tried to sleep tight
But something then didn't feel quite right
Eyes were closed, feeling wrong
So I started to listen to a song
When it was done, I closed my eyes once more
And in the mind began a roar
Eyes are wide open, still not right
This has turned into an awful night
No longer a spirit or a soul
Just flesh and bone, no longer whole
There's something missing, quite a bit
Nothing is right, what is it
Open the door, let me in
Don't want to be here ever again
Open back up, let me back inside
No longer do I want to hide
Let it be known I've always been here
Can you hear me? am I coming in clear?!
I know you know who I am and what you see
Which is a bad thing if you really ask me
I try but I don't try very much
I use myself as a crutch

Please forgive me, please forgive me
Please forgive me, please forgive me
I want to listen, but I plug up my ears
I've been living this way for years
Please forgive me, please forgive me
Please forgive me, please forgive me
I wanna be happy, that's the plan
I'm just a crazy messed up man
Please forgive me, please forgive me
Please forgive me, please forgive me

Nothing I do seems to be right
Not quite sure what to do
I want to be closer, but I'm drifting away
From you
Please, forgive me

Any opportunity I've ever had
I tossed it away like trash
I want to change it all right now
I can't find a way, I can't find a reason
It's safe to say I just don't know how

I don't want to be here...I don't want to be here

Just give me a clean slate.
Just let me start all over
I've screwed up enough
Give me a clean slate
A brand new start
Let me try this again
Please, give me a clean slate
Do over!

It doesn't work that way
You get what you get
There's nothing else, there's no one else
This is it.
Have to take what you've got
Make it everything you want
Create it, color it, make it how you want it
One life is all you have
Take it, use it, risk it, everything is always worth it.

So I'll try this again, close my eyes
And I'll see what I'll see

I've got my whole life in front of me.
i actually think its pretty good. Id be interested in hearing what it sounds like vocalized and with instruments